Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Councils were set up by Canon Law (536) ‘to assist in fostering pastoral activity’. The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is there to support and assist the Parish Priest, who, by Canon Law, has the final decision.

The PPC has a proactive and constructive role in identifying pastoral priorities, studying problems and recommending practical solutions.  The Council fosters a sense of community within the Parish and helps coordinate Parish activities to best serve the interests of the Parish.

Members of the PPC

When do we meet?

The PPC meets quarterly, in January, April, July, and October. Our 2023 schedule is below,

Q124th January
Q225th April
Q34th July
Q424th October

Standing agenda

  • Open prayer
  • Reports on: Finance, Safeguarding, Website, Devotions in the Parish, Youth Ministry, SVP, St Anne’s, Sacramental programmes (First Holy Communion, Confirmation, RCIA),
  • Social events
  • AOB
  • Concluding prayer

At least two weeks prior to a PPC meeting the Chair contacts all PPC members to ask for any additional agenda items for the draft agenda.  The draft agenda is then sent to the Parish Priest for any additions or amendments.  Once approved by the priest the agenda is circulated to PPC members one week before the meeting.

Meetings take place in Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 7.30pm and parishioners are very welcome to attend to listen to the proceedings.  Agenda items from parishioners are very welcome as long as they are received two weeks prior to the date of the meeting; please contact the PPC Chair or a PPC member. If a parishioner does request an agenda item, then they are very welcome to attend the meeting and speak on that item.

Minutes of meetings, once approved, are available on the Church noticeboards or below.

Jan 2022
July 2022
Oct 2022
Jan 2023