The Sacrament of Confirmation: Strengthening the Spirit

One of the vital milestones in the life of a practicing Catholic is the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation, a profoundly significant step on one’s spiritual journey.

What is Confirmation?

Catholic Confirmation is a sacrament of initiation that strengthens one’s bond with the Church and enriches the individual with the strength of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation complements the sacrament of Baptism and completes the grace bestowed through that primary sacrament.

The Preparation Process

The preparation for Confirmation varies across parishes but generally involves a period of catechesis. This religious education focuses on deepening the understanding of Catholic beliefs, the sacraments, and how one lives out their faith in daily life.

The Role of the Sponsor

During the preparation, a Confirmation sponsor guides the candidate. The sponsor, usually a practicing Catholic, is a supportive spiritual mentor to help the candidate grow in faith.

The Rite of Confirmation

During the Confirmation ceremony, the bishop, or a delegated priest, administers the sacrament. The rite of the Confirmation includes several significant elements.

Anointing with Chrism

The bishop anoints each confirmation candidate’s forehead with Chrism, a holy oil consecrated by the bishop during Holy Week. This anointing is accompanied by the words, “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit”.

Laying on of Hands

The bishop lays hands on the candidates and prays for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit, a symbol of confirming actual grace upon the faithful.

The Importance of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation holds monumental grace and significance, deepening the participant’s commitment to live as a disciple of Christ.

Strengthening Baptismal Grace

Confirmation deepens the graces received at Baptism. It strengthens and perfects the individual’s bond with the Church, marking the confirmed as a fully-initiated Catholic.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Confirmation equips the individual with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. These gifts empower the newly confirmed to live out their faith more deeply and engage more actively in the mission of the Church.

Maintaining the Spirit Post Confirmation

Upon receiving Confirmation, it is vital to keep growing in faith and fostering a closer relationship with God. Regular participation in Mass, frequent reception of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, prayer, and service to others are ways to keep the flame of faith from Confirmation burning brightly.

Confirmation is not a graduation from religious duties, but rather a beginning of a renewed and deepened commitment to a life following Christ and a witness to faith in the world.

Confirmation Programme

The parish will start a course to prepare
young people for sacrament of
confirmation. The programme will be
suitable for young people of 13 and older.
Can parents please complete the Form and
return it to the parish office along with a
copy of the Baptism & First Holy
Communion Certificate. . The closing date
for registrations is Friday 06th October.