Altar Servers

Altar Servers: Sacred Service and Faith Formation

Serving at God’s altar during the Holy Mass is not only a great honor but also an essential service in the Catholic Church. As an altar server, one is deeply immersed in the liturgical tradition of the Church, playing a pivotal role in the church community.

What Do Altar Servers Do?

Altar Servers assist the priest during liturgical services, primarily during Mass. Their responsibilities range from carrying the processional cross, lighting the candles, and preparing the altar for the Eucharist, to assisting the priest and deacon as needed during the ceremony.

The Importance of Being an Altar Server

While it might seem like the principal idea is to assist in the smooth operation of a church service, being an altar server brings with it many personal spiritual benefits.

Serving God and the Community

First and foremost, altar serving is a role of service. By assisting in the liturgy, altar servers serve God and their community. This encourages the spirit of love, humility, and service, which is at the heart of the Gospel.

Active Participation in the Liturgy

Altar servers have a unique perspective of the Mass from the sanctuary. This active involvement allows for a deeper and more intimate understanding of the liturgy, the Eucharist, and the Catholic faith.

Role Modeling Faith

Altar servers exhibit a model of active faith for their peers, encouraging others to participate in serving God and the church community.

Benefits of Being an Altar Server

Aside from spiritual growth, altar serving also contributes to personal development.

Leadership Skills

The role of altar server demands responsibility, punctuality, and precision. Maneuvering within the liturgical procedures encourages the development of leadership skills.

Spiritual Growth

As altar servers develop a deeper understanding of church liturgy and the Eucharist, they naturally grow in their personal faith and spirituality, fostering a lifelong relationship with God.

Continuing Service Beyond Altar Serving

Altar serving lays the foundation for a lifelong devotion to the Church and could shape a young person’s path towards more profound service roles, such as becoming a priest, deacon, or dedicated lay ministry member.

In conclusion, the role of an altar server is invaluable in Catholic liturgy. The commitment helps to encourage not only personal spiritual growth, but also the development of service and leadership skills that will prove crucial in future life.

Altar Server Registration

If your children or you are interested in serving on the altar at mass please download, fill, and send the registration form in.