Dear Parishioners,

UPDATE: We have approved planning permission!

We have an exciting opportunity to beautify and enrich the landscape of our beloved, Our Lady of Lourdes Church property. We believe that enhancing our outdoor space will enrich our community spiritually and aesthetically, creating a serene environment for prayerful reflection, and fostering a love for God’s creation among current and future generations.

We are looking to:

  1. Plant Trees
  2. Plant Hedging
  3. Make a semi-enclosed space near the front for events, our children, and as a place for mediation.

Please see our site renders:

Tree Species

Our plan involves planting a diverse selection of beautiful trees and hedgerows:

  1. Himalayan Silver Birch (1)
  2. Prunus Serrula (1)
  3. Hornbeam (1)
  4. Whitebeam (3)
  5. Scots Pine (2)
  6. Liquidambar (1)
  7. Maple Crimson King (1)
  8. Purple Leaf Plum (2)
  9. Weeping Willow (2)

Each of these trees brings their own unique character and charm to our church property, from the striking white bark of the Himalayan Silver Birch, the brilliant autumn colour of the Liquidambar, to the lovely pink blossoms of the Purple Leaf Plum. You can find detailed site map and renderings and the proposed tree/hedgerow list posted in the notice board.

Donations and Support

To successfully implement this beautification scheme, we need your support in several ways:

  1. Donations towards purchasing the trees, hedge plants, necessary planting supplements, and maintenance for the first two years. We are currently receiving quotations and will share a final cost with you soon. Please contact our Parish Secretary for information about donations. Specific costs for donation a single tree will be available shortly.
  2. We also need a lockable outdoor tap and hose to maintain the planting.
  3. Your time – If you are interested in volunteering to assist in planting, please contact All hands on deck will be greatly appreciated!

Let’s work together to make our church property an even more inviting, warm place that brings joy to all. Do look at the plans and take part in this enriching project.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable support.

God Bless, Sean Brannon, PPC