What is Digital Parish Registration?

During the pandemic in 2020/ 2021 our churches closed for public worship. As well as being spiritually challenging, this was also operationally challenging and highlighted many weaknesses in our communications infrastructure. This is not a judgement on this particular parish but the majority of parishes up and down the country.

From a communications perspective our biggest challenge was responding to the isolation many people experienced. Being cut away from their loved ones and faith community. Our priests and those who work in the parish office had no straightforward means by which to make contact with the majority of those who were members of this community. Once again this was the same in the majority of parishes across the land.

As many families moved to virtual video gatherings our parishes were simply unable to utilise these facilities to their full potential as we had no digital means of contacting those outside of a minimal number of our core members.    

Working with the diocese we aim to implement a database and digital management system within each parish which will connect all of us together. It will enable us to make contact with the right people at the right time about the elements of parish life that most interest you. We will be able to identify each individual person and respond transparently in an effective and pastoral way.

What is the benefit to the community? 

By implementing this system,  it will be possible to build community and include those who cannot visit our church often. We will be able to locally share opportunities for expressing our faith through learning, social action and times of worship. Building teams of missionary disciples will be more efficient and will enable us to support of those teams more effectively. By digital identification of the gifts and talents each member of our community holds we will be better equipped to face future challenges as a whole community, with each member playing their part, safely and compliant to all current legislation.

What can you do to get started?

Please visit our parish sign up page by using the QR code in the newsletter or the web address which appears in the newsletter or on our parish website.  Signing up to your parish is simple. Follow the link to a secure webpage and fill in your details.  You will notice along the top of the page is the name of your parish. If this is not the parish you wish to sign up to, do not fill out the form. 

Below the name of your parish is a series of tabs; About You, Your Family, Your Friends, Your Interests, Our Parish, Our Diocese and Financial. Click through the tab and fill out the information. The more information you give, the more relevant the response from your parish will be. 

You can fill out all the tabs or some of the tabs. You will notice the diocesan privacy policy at the foot of the page. We recommend you read this for your information. At any point, after you have submitted your details you can login and change or delete your details from the system. 

Please contact the Parish Secretary for any help and answer your questions.