150 Club

150 Club

Join the 150 Club and help raise funds for your parish

What is the 150 Club?

The 150 Club has been formed to enable the Parish to have the finance to be able to carry out any essential works, projects, or to purchase items needed for the Church. This includes work which the Parish Priest requires to be undertaken.

Since the start of the 150 Club in 2001 at Our Lady of Lourdes some of the money raised has been used for renewing the roof of the Church, the redecoration of the interior of the Church, electrical work, a new ceiling in the Narthex, pointing of the church and hall brickwork and major renovations in the Presbytery. This work has cost many thousands of pounds.

However we have many more projects planned for the churches as renovations and repairs are constantly required to maintain the buildings so that good standards can prevail for the enjoyment of all. The long term upkeep of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Anne’s Churches will always need to be budgeted for so that we have a place for worship.

Each month there will be a Prize Draw. The amount available for prizes will depend on the number of members we have subscribing. The more members we have the more money will be available for prizes. We are hoping to have at least 150 members.

Every member of the scheme pays £5.00 per calendar month either by Standing Order or annually by cheque. Of course you can pay more each month, £10.00 would enable you to have two chances in the prize draw etc.

The money is only to be spent with the expressed agreement of the Parish Priest and the Diocese.

The membership is restricted to:

  • To parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes & St Anne’s;
  • To families of parishioners;
  • To friends of parishioners;
  • to persons over 16 years of age.

Only £5 a month!

Membership payments are £5.00 per month by standing order for a number which will be allocated. Payment by standing order is the preferred method of payment.

Cheque payments are £60.00 yearly per membership for a number which will be allocated. Each number has an equal chance of winning.

We regret that cash payments cannot be accepted for administrative reasons.

Every month a draw will take place on the first Saturday of the month to determine the 3 winning numbers. The holders of these numbers will receive prizes paid by cheque.

Only those members of the 150 Club who have a membership which is fully paid-up at the time a draw takes place will be eligible to receive prizes.

Members of the same family may have shares in any allocated numbers. Prize payments will be made to the named person/s on the membership application form by cheque.

Any queries concerning the running of the 150 Club should be directed to the Club Administrators whose contact details are available on request from the Presbytery.

150 Club March Winners!

  • 1st – 178
  • 2nd – 112
  • 3rd – 244

A message from Fr. Paul.

I know it is another call on your hard earned money but this scheme at least gives you a chance to win some reward.

At the same time you will be supporting your Parish Church, Hall, Presbytery and all the expenses that the upkeep entails.

God Bless you and your families.

Fr. Paul Vilangappara, mop.